4 things we learned planning summer trips as a family

Come together once in a while and get to know each other.

A memorable family vacation is many things. There is experience, always the best teacher that brings school lessons to life. There is fun. There are tantrums. You chat, you laugh, you share things and you bond on a family adventure.

Well versed in the joys and challenges of family travel, we almost spend every school break on the road. It is the best way to bond as a family. Talking from experience, planning with these few things in mind would ease out unexpected issues and make the whole journey smoother.

Find that balance between Adventure and downtime

This applies to all kinds of travel, but more important on family vacations with young ones in tow. We spread out walking-heavy days, physically demanding adventure plans and long rides with unstructured relaxation time in between.

This keep the kids from getting bored and overtired and most evenings hassle-free. Even with a good balance of adventure and downtime, kids away from their routines can become cranky easily, so one easy way to help provide structure is to make sure they know the dialy plan – lay it all out in the morning.

Remember to challenge yourself

TExploring, testing your limits, dealing with challenges can be everyday experiences, which in tern develop personal resilience and character. Ditch the wheels (or gondola) and give your legs a bit more to do. For instance, the summit of Mt. Annupuri (1308 m), the highest point of Niseko united, can be reached with a reasonably challenging and well thought-out hike (with the help of several gondolas).

You may not always have enough time or energy to do it, but there are occasions when you can. What you will see along the way and the moment when you reach the peak with the clan more than make up for the soreness. Not to mention the sense of achievement is great for everyone’s confidence. Who doesn’t want confident children?

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Kids are easier in the outdoors

Children can be challenging. The are also endless streams of energy that need stimulation while traveling.

The outdoors are a big great playground. It is also free. So let them throw tantrums and sulk in a peasant environment. A lot of things that prove to keep them engaged are outdoor activities. From horseback riding, forest walking to stamping in puddles in the park.

Rather than being the snap-happy Instagramer tourist that whiz through sights, the beauty of traveling with kids is that it makes you become better observers and enjoy your surroundings. Last but not least, when you finally get peace as they are kept busy in the outdoors, the sacred quiet time is even more appreciated and valued.

seek professional help

The last thing you need on a vacation from work is more work, especially work you don’t do for a living, like picking and booking accommodation, finding the right train tickets, reserving a spot in the best restaurants, connecting with expert guides who’d make a world of difference.

Planning is where the fun ends and the stress begins… So let the pros of a planning company take that work off your plate. In additional to suggesting educational and meaningful experiences, a family-travel planner can even arrange to have kid amenities, like play pens, baby fences, movies and games and even diapers, waiting for you upon arrival.