Get kids into nature at day camp designed for the Niseko outdoors

From little city dwellers to outdoor adventurers!

Our city kids know all the best places to visit and can navigate the streets with ease, but we bet they will be happy to toss their screens aside when given a chance to engage the real outdoors in the company of new friends.


One of our favorite holiday destinations, Niseko is a two-hour drive from Sapporo and is just perfect for a family vacation!

Most people associate the Niseko with skiing. After all, it is the “powder capital” of Hokkaido. But there is far more fun things and activities to keep the whole family entertained. Think about building an igloo, dig a snow cave, snow shoeing in the wilderness, or making a snow board from scratch…

Finding things for kids to do while on vacation can be a full-time job in itself. While some kids are happy to hang out in ski school all day long, some can only take a few hours.

We are often asked what kids can do in Niseko when they are not skiing. Entertaining kids all day long could be a challenge for some parents, especially the ones who never get enough powder themselves.

With Christmas looming on the not too distant horizon, we are glad we have a new place to recommend – how about a winter day camp?

The summer day camp includes overnight camping, raft building, farm visits, and an adrenaline-pumping "amazing race" packed into a week-long program.
With a set program of fun activities, school-age kids play together without a lot of adult intervention. 📸 EdVenture
📸 EdVenture

Your little one will be picked up from your chalet before 9am and dropped off by 4pm.

They will spend the morning doing all sorts of winter activities, from learning avalanche skills to building a snow catapult, all to impart a little learning and some fun at the same time, then have skiing or snowboarding lessons in the afternoon.

If that sounds the cup of tea for your family, then check out Edventure Niseko, which offers winter day camp for 4 to 14-year-olds with activities both on and off the mountains.

📸 EdVenture
📸 EdVenture
📸 EdVenture
📸 EdVenture

Whether they are building that snow cave, strolling through backcountry in their snowshoes, or making that homemade sled, the kids are always having fun. Days tend to be long, exhausting and filled with lasting memories.

As those who have run or get their kids in a day camp already know, a lot of hard work goes into those fun and games! 📸 EdVenture
Why not put the buddy system into action? Nothing settles pre-camp butterflies like knowing a friend will be there too. 📸 EdVenture
📸 EdVenture
📸 EdVenture

Bottom line: Campers will have fun outside, away from screens, and they’ll meet kids from around the world, while parents have more time to explore Niseko themselves.

Look at them go!

We can practically still smell the suntan location and bud spray from the summer holiday, and are already looking forward to another season of camps full of fun, smiles and games this winter.

There is magic in Niseko no matter what time of the year you go.