Kanzanji Onsen, Shizuoka, Japan

Kai Enshu is a hot spring ryokan situated by Lake Hamana in the historic city of Hamamatsu. All rooms offer views of the lake and are decorated with traditional local weave items. Meals feature eels from the lake, a local delicacy, while activities include regional tea tastings.

Located an hour from Nagoya and 2 hours from Tokyo by train, Kai is in the Shizuoka region—Japan’s green tea capital.

Go to JR Hamamatsu station then take a free shuttle to Kai Enshu.

Rooms offer dynamic views of Lake Hamana and are decorated with traditional local weave items that add a Japanese touch to the contemporary interiors. Options include rooms that combine tatami-matted and wooden-floored spaces, as well as rooms with outdoor baths.
Western Suite with Outdoor Bath

This is the largest guest room of the hotel with outdoor bath and wide powder room that can see Hamanako. Hiba’s bath in the guest room can be used as a family bath. The living room is a contemporary style with a flooring living space.

Capacity: 1 – 4
Size: 68 sqm

Japanese Suite with Lake View

A Japanese room with 3 beds that enjoys the view of Lake Hamana.

Capacity: 1 – 4
Size: 45 sqm

Japanese Suite with Lake View

Standard room in the field Kuni. Modern guest room with Ryukyu Tatami room and flooring living space. By the time the sun leans to the mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful harmony of the golden color of the lake shining in the evening.

Capacity: 1 – 4
Size: 40 sqm

Western Suite with Lake View

A Wester-style suite that enjoys views of the Lake Hamana.

Capacity: 1 – 2
Size: 36 sqm

Western Suite with Lake View

Room with twin beds in Western-style room overlooking the lake.

Capacity: 1 – 2
Size: 35 sqm

Accessible Suite with Lake View

Room with twin beds in Western-style room overlooking the lake.

Capacity: 1 – 2
Size: 35 sqm


Meals are centered around a famous local delicacy—eel from Lake Hamana, historical mecca for eel farmers due to its temperate climate and high quality water.

Eel is slowly grilled in a sweet sauce and served with seasonal fare, best enjoyed with some local Shizuoka sake.

Dinners consist of multi-course kaiseki meals that include visually pleasing dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

Mornings begin with a set meal featuring an aromatic rice soup prepared with sencha green tea.


Rooms are connected to the bath halls by a roofed corridor. Bath halls include a bath featuring floating baskets of tea leaves. Vitamins and other compounds contained in the leaves help rejuvenate the skin, while the leaves’ aroma soothes the mind.

There is also a large outdoor bath constructed from high-quality cypress.

The second most famous tea in Japan is Sencha, which is the ultimate Japanese green tea. Did you know that the leaves are picked and immediately steamed to prevent any oxidation of the leaves and then processed on a heated work surface to a temperature of 40-50° until they are completely dry?
The operation may take 4-7 hours. Only about 100 grams of tea is obtained at the most. Consequently, you will better understand the sales price of this green gold. During your stay in the Shizuoka Prefecture, a tea-growing region bordering the Pacific Ocean not far from Mount Fuji.
To really appreciate the tea you infuse it in water at 80°, since above this temperature, it would take on bitter and tannic notes in the mouth. This fresh and delicate tea is a marvel for whoever appreciates it, but nevertheless does not attract all palates with its admittedly somewhat particular green notes.
Take time to taste this pure and delicate drink, which has played a part in the Japanese lifestyle for centuries.


$320 $288/night

Rates vary according to seasonality. Contact us to discuss your holiday needs.


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