Hakone Yumoto Onsen, Kanagawa, Japan

Situated 10 minutes away by car from Yumoto station, Kai Hakone is a hot spring ryokan with rooms offering river views.

There is much here that reflects the culture and nature of Hakone, from parquet furnishings to hot spring baths that open out onto vibrant natural scenery, as well as exclusive activities that give a taste of this traditional hot spring town’s history.

Tucked away out of sight, close to the river, below a little road that leads to town, nestling in the mountain’s lush greenery. The buildings are arranged around an inner courtyard, with gangways, such as you see on boats, giving access to your room and the different areas provided for guests.

Located 90 minutes by train from Tokyo, set in the heart of the Hakone national park, this hotel is the ideal starting point for some marvellous walks; Lake Ashinoko and the Hakone sanctuary are just a few minutes away, and Onshi-Hakone Park offers wonderful views of Mount Fuji.
Go to Odakyu Hakone Yumoto station then take a taxi to Kai Hakone.
Nature spreads all around Kai Hakone, allowing guests to enjoy the seasonal scenery and the sounds of the nearby Sukumo River from the comfort of their rooms. Low sofas and beds give each room a spacious feel, while our signature rooms feature parquet furniture.
The layout of the rooms has been designed to make optimal use of the space. The architect opted for just one room lengthways, with a bedroom leading off the lounge, divided by just a low partition wall with sofa placed along it.
Japanese Suite with River View

Capacity: 1 – 2 people
Size: 80 sqm

Western Suite with Outdoor Bath

Capacity: 1 – 2 people
Size: 58 sqm

Western Suite with Living Room and River View for 3

Capacity: 1 – 3 people
Size: 51 sqm

Japanese Suite with River View for 5

Capacity: 1 – 5 people
Size: 58 sqm

Japanese Suite with River View for 4

Capacity: 1 – 4 people
Size: 51 – 55 sqm

Japanese Suite with River View for 2

Capacity: 1 – 2 people
Size: 46 – 48 sqm


Guests are served kaiseki course meals that use plenty of seasonal land and sea ingredients. Some dishes feature Japanese ingredients prepared with Western culinary techniques—a style that developed from the West’s long love affair with Hakone’s hot springs.

The dining room is divided into individual boxes, to allow you the luxury of personal service and dining in privacy. The Kaiseki cuisine served at dinner time is of high quality, and the ‘delicacies’ are worthy of special mention; these little appetisers, served as a starter, are one of the chef’s great strengths.

Specialities include beef miso ‘Meiji Nabe’, cubes of meat browned until golden in a skillet with miso sauce, then allowed to rest in a broth before the vegetables added. The whole is simmered for a few minutes, and is served with a runny egg that brings all the ingredients together beautifully.

This typical dish is a real treat. Another local dish is kuro shichimi, which is similar to a fondue but is prepared with soya milk topped with snowy peaks of egg-white, into which you dip vegetables and thin slices of pork.

Hakone was once a major stop for people traveling across Japan on foot or horse. Reflecting this past, breakfasts are hearty affairs that include a soup made with rice cakes.


The hotel has two onsens, each of them reserved for men and women alternately, since nudity is the standard here. The ryokan-inn’s hot baths face towards the mountains, with wide open views.

This exceptional and quite unique setting is perfect for treating yourself to a moment of complete and utter relaxation. Once dressed, you can prolong the pleasure in the rest area, enjoying a cold drink.

Parquetry chaya

arquetry is a technique that assembles and cuts various wood varieties and inlays them on a woodwork base, creating various pictures and patterns.

Though this is a lost art in most of the world, it still flourishes in Japan with admirable savoir-faire and precision.

In the evening, visitors can attend a presentation of this craft in the hotel lobby and try to open a “secret box” which requires 5, 7 or 10 combinations of moves to win the prize inside.


Chōchin lanterns light up the castle of Odawara in the Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, every year during a folk festival. Kai Hakone honours this ancestral tradition by illuminating its gardens all summer long with lanterns made by Isamu Yamazaki, one of the few local craftsmen who continue to practice this art.

Yuagari Lounge

Located between the men’s and women’s bath halls, the Yuagari Lounge allows guests to cool off after a bath while sipping on a refreshing beverage inspired by the local culture.

Explore Hakone

Lake Ashinoko and the Hakone sanctuary are just a few minutes away, and Onshi-Hakone Park offers wonderful views of Mount Fuji.

Onshi-Hakone-Koen Park

You will definitely enjoy this quiet and green place, hosting the former summer residence of the imperial family, with a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji. Your guide will show you the interior of the building with the exhibited photographs, as proofs of evolution over the years. In addition of this great dive into history, the surrounding grounds could make for a lovely walk along the shores of the lake…

Amasake Chaya

A 400-year-old tea house, Amasake Chaya, is still open today near the Hakone checkpoint and Kai Hakone. This is where travelers liked to stop to rest and drink a cup of this invigorating drink.



$560 $448/night

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