Where to eat in Furano? Top restaurants to try in 2021

If you were wondering where to spend your time in Furano for the food, here is a guide that should give you a fair selection to work with.

There are plenty of great options scattered throughout the region, but here are our picks of the best restaurants in Furano. From legendary local eateries, to fine dining with a focus on local produce, there’s something to everything visitor to enjoy after a day of Furano powder snow.


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Fenix Restaurant and Bar
Breakfast 7am-9am
Lunch 11am - 1:30pm
Après Ski 2pm - 5:00pm
Dinner 6pm - 9pm

The most exciting opening in town is no doubt Fenix Furano, which is a ski-in-ski-out hotel. Open in December 2020, the new hotel bring new dining establishments to town, headed by high-profile chefs.
Fenix Restaurant and Bar is featuring high quality Japanese food, offering a tasting menu with fresh Hokkaido ingredients.
Take your seat in the elegant space, while shabu shabu with Furano wagyu beef is taken out of the pot of sweet soy-based soup and dipped into a beaten egg, and then the fat gradually melts and the sauce soaks through…

Bistro Le Chemin
Open 1130-1400 & 1730-2200, closed on every Tuesday

From lite bites to entrée courses, there will be something for everyone at Le Chemin. You will swoon over the attention to detail made in creating these European-inspired dishes from locally sourced produce.

A la Campagne Furano
Open 1200-1400 & 1800-2400, closed on every Monday

With a very special emphasis placed on using ingredients from the local Furano area, this French Bistro will delight all the senses.

Le Gaulois Furano
Open 1200-1430 & 1730-2030, closed on every Monday & Tuesday

A true hidden gem tucked in the forest behind the New Furano Prince Hotel, make sure you book Le Gaulois for lunch or dinner. Sourcing their ingredients from Hokkaido is paramount in creating their signature Italian dishes.

Restaurant Asperges Biei
Open 1100-1900

If the Michelin-star rating doesn’t convince, you the food will. Enjoy fine dining and the unparalleled taste of fresh ingredients from the hills of Biei.

Oshokuji to Goenkai no Mise Kumagera
Open 1130-2000, closed on every Wednesdays

Furano wagyu will be waiting for you after a long day of skiing.  A piping bowl of nabe will be sure to warm you up from the inside out. The venison is not to be missed.

Ramen Restaurant Shojikimura (正直村)
Open 1130-2030, closed on every Tuesdays

If you looking for a great informal dining, authentic Ramen dishes might be our first choice for family outings. Just 3 mins walk from Fenix Furano, this long-running Ramen restaurant is the perfect place for some energy-boosting grub after a morning ski.

Café Bakusu
Kitchen cafe & Pizza
Open 1130-1400 & 1700-2000, closed on every Tuesdays

A place that will haunt your future pizza and Curry fantasies, Café Bakusu is justifiably famous for the excellent food, sensible pricing and village center location. This chic diner offers delicious handmade pizzas from a wood fire stove.