Savouring Niseko: A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in 2023

Discovering the most delectable dining experiences in Niseko winter paradise

Niseko is not only renowned for its world-class skiing and snowboarding but also for its culinary scene that attracts food lovers from all over the world.

From authentic Japanese cuisines like sushi, ramen, and yakitori to international fare, Niseko has an extensive range of dining options to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for a cozy izakaya or a Michelin-starred restaurant, this guide has got you covered.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to indulge in sensational food experiences in Niseko!

A few tips for dining in Niseko

Book early: Niseko is a popular ski destination, and restaurants can fill up quickly, especially during peak season. To avoid disappointment, book your restaurant reservations as early as possible. Many require reservations 90 days in advance during popular times.

Use online reservation systems: Many restaurants in Niseko now use online reservation systems, making it easy to book a table in advance. Check the restaurant’s website or social media pages for more information on how to book.

Confirmation: After making a reservation, make sure and check the criteria for confirmation.  Many restaurants require you to confirm 24-hours before even after you make the reservation.

Niseko Naniwatei at Intuition

Operated by Murai Koj, the head chef of Niseko Naniwatei who comes from a family with a 60-year history of culinary, Niseko Naniwatei emphasizes skillfully preparing Japanese dishes using fresh local ingredients, showcasing a distinct sense of style called Robata Kaiseki style (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner).

Like the sisters of Naniwatei’s, the restaurant in Intuition will gather the best of Hokkaido’s seasonal ingredients to create a premier banquet meal for its guests. Naniwatei’s specialty dishes, such as fresh seafood sashimi, rice seasoned and cooked with other ingredients in an earthenware pot, and tri-flavored (sweet/salty/sour) tomato are all included in the nutritionally balanced course meal, delighting all senses of guests present.


Open 11:30 for lunch, 17:30-20:30 for dinner

Sushi Shin by Miyakawa

Sushi Shin by Miyakawa is one of the most renowned sushi restaurants in Niseko, offering a truly authentic and unforgettable dining experience. Produced by the three Michelin starred Masterchef Masaaki Miyakawa, the restaurant specializes in traditional sushi made from the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets and beyond. The intimate and elegant setting provides the perfect backdrop for savouring the delicate flavours and textures of each sushi dish, making it a must-visit for any foodie or sushi lover in Niseko.


Open 12:00 for lunch, 17:30/ 20:00 for dinner

📸 @sushi_shin

MAME Niseko

MAME Niseko delivers “Wa和 ” as the basic concept, attracting gourmets around the world with its contemporary vision. The head-chef, Hideki Endo, studied under Mr. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, who has won a Michelin star and operates the global restaurant chain NOBU. He returned to Japan in October 2022 and opened “MAME niseko” in January of the following year.


Using plenty of fresh local vegetables and seasonal ingredients, along with the Omakase menu and typical a la carte items, customers can enjoy contemporary and free cooking style. At the calm counter seats, you can enjoy the finest dishes and selection of wines and Japanese sake.


Open 12:00-15:00; 18:00-23:00

(Closed on ​Sundays and Wednesdays)


J'ai la patate

J’ai la patate is a cozy French restaurant. The restaurant’s interior with warm lighting, wooden tables, and a relaxed vibe. French posters and memorabilia adorn the walls, transporting diners to a little corner of France.


The restaurant’s menu features classic French cuisine with a creative twist, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create dishes bursting with flavor. From the rich and creamy potato gratin to the savory duck confit, the dishes at J’ai la patate are all beautifully presented. The staff is happy to provide recommendations on dishes and wine pairings. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends and family.


Open 11:30-13:30; 18:00-19:30

(Closed on ​Wednesdays)

📸 j_patate

Sushi Kato Inori

Sushi Kato Inori promises the ultimate ocean-to-table Japanese kaiseki experience. With over 50 years’ experience and a stellar reputation for crab markets and restaurants in Sapporo and Niseko. Sushi Kato hand selects the freshest seafood from the markets each day including sea urchin, hairy crab, fresh flounder, enormous scallops, and fatty tuna caught the night before in the famous coastal waters of Iwanai. Guest can expect to savor the freshest and highest quality sushi, sashimi and Kaiseki menus made with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.


Sushi Kato Inori has a small bar for a personalized dining experience which is cozy and intimate, as Chef and his staff can interact with each guest and provide recommendations on dishes and sake pairings. It is the perfect spot for a special occasion or a romantic night out.


Open 17:30-20:00

📸 sushi.kato.inori

Tempura Araki

What better place to experience authentic Omakase dining than the new sister restaurant of Sapporo’s two-Michelin star ‘Tempura Araki’. The restaurant specializes in tempura Omakase, which is the Japanese tradition of entrusting the chef with the creative freedom to plan your meal based on the daily markets finest ingredients. The Araki brigade’s passion for Hokkaido produce showcases some of finest and freshest seafood, vegetables, and ingredients through a range of seasonal tempura sensations.


Courses meander from subtly flavored squid to Japanese barracuda, kisu Japanese whiting to sticky rice topped with seafood and a rainbow of vegetables, effortlessly switching between tempura and traditional Japanese dishes to create an unforgettable culinary experience, where one visit might just not be enough.


Open 11:30-14:00 for lunch; 17:00 – 23:00 for dinner

📸 tempura_araki


Well loved by foodies throughout Tokyo, AFURI is a popular ramen restaurants in Japan with stylish décor, good vibes playlist and delicious freshly made noodles. AFURI now brings its famous yuzu ramen direct to Hokkaido.


Noodles are handcrafted in-house everyday by skilled and highly trained chefs, topped with steaming broth which is prepared with a reduction of local chicken, dried fish “niboshi” and “katsuobushi”, dried konbu seaweed and vegetables, while utilising the natural spring water from the foot of Mount Yotei. Signature ramen is used of yuzu in the broth, adds a bright and refreshing flavor to the rich and savory broth. Also, AFURI offers a variety of other dishes, including gyoza (dumplings), salads, and small plates.

Dining at AFURI is more than just a ramen experience, its decor and relaxing music create a place to unwind and enjoy the mellow atmosphere as you sip on some delicious inspired cocktails.


Open 11:00-15:00 for lunch;

17:00 – 22:00 for dinner

📸 afuri_fineramen

Niseko Loft Club

A popular indoor BBQ restaurant specialising in Ghengis Khan which is a Hokkaido dish. Their signature dishs is a plate of special a tray of fresh cuts, provide fresh lamb Jingiskan, Beef Rib Roast and Hokkaido EZO Venison. A meal at the Niseko Loft Club is guaranteed to settle your craving for a meaty meal.

In a truly Japanese-fashion, cook your own meat and local vegetables at the table! Their delicious home-made raspberry juice also is a local favourite and famous in the area.


Open 17:00-22:00 (Close on Tuesday)

📸 loftclub2021

méli mélo -Yuki No Koe

méli mélo -Yuki No Koe-, offer French and Italian cuisine celebrating Hokkaido’s superb ingredients.

Exploring the secret ingredients of Hokkaido from locally farmed beef to the freshest seafood, prepared with a sophisticated art of cooking, promise a memorable dining experience that will inspire and delight with their unique combination of flavours.


méli mélo’s convivial large open-plan dining space arranged around a central bar, warm oak wood interiors with stone accents create a warm and airy contemporary Japanese. They also havetwo private rooms that provide an intimate and exclusive gathering point for larger groups of friends and families.


Open 12:00-21:00

📸 melimelo_yukinokoe


Traditional Japanese and French-inspired Teppan menus are carefully prepared at the Teppan counters. Featuring a premium selection of Wagyu beef, Hokkaido fresh seafood, and locally sourced vegetables.

In addition to the teppanyaki-style cuisine, Teppan also offers a selection of Japanese and Western-additional course, as well as a variety of drinks and cocktails. The comfortable and stylish interior provides the perfect place for dining, and for those looking for a unique and memorable dining experience in Niseko, Teppan is a great choice.


Open 17:00-21:30 last entry

(Close on Sunday and Monday)

📸 peterbbennetts


Lovers of Japanese crafts, artistic antiques and all things fine would love Shouya Grigg’s (mastermind behind the Sekka brand) restaurant Somoza. It is an extraordinary cultural center located in a 150-year-old, re-located Japanese kominka (traditional Japanese home). The restored building includes a boutique featuring Japanese arts and crafts, a restaurant, and a traditional Japanese tea room in the attic.


Menus showcase the best of local produce, including fresh ingredients from their own vegetable garden, celebrating the flavours, colours and season of Niseko and Hokkaido. Seating indoors or alfresco on our terrace, both with stunning views of the valley and mountains


Open 17:30-19:00 seating

(Close on Monday to Wednesday)

📸 peterbbennetts
📸 somoza_niseko

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply looking to indulge in some of the best Japanese cuisines, these restaurants are sure to leave a lasting impression and provide an unforgettable dining experience!