Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa, Japan

Kai Kaga is a hot spring ryokan built on top of Yamashiro Hot Spring in Kaga.

Guests are offered a genuine Kaga experience, from the classic architectural elements that have been preserved from the four-century-old ryokan building to the traditional Kaga craft artworks that decorate each room.

Rooms feature low beds and sofas that provide plenty of comfort, giving guests a relaxing environment in which to appreciate the stunning decor composed of paper, dyed fabric, ceramics, and urushi lacquer—all crafted through techniques developed in Kaga.

Yamashiro Hot Spring produces low-alkaline waters that have a pleasing density and are known for their skin rejuvenating effects.

Baths look out onto gardens with ornamental pines; when it snows, branches are held aloft with white cords that form elegant cones.

Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa, Japan
3 hours by train from Tokyo
Japanese suites for up to 4 people
Complimentary shuttle bus one time per day from JR Kanazawa station (bullet train stop station)

Located 3 hours by train from Tokyo.

Go to Kaga onsen station then take a taxi to Kai Kaga.

Japanese Suite with Outdoor Bath

Capacity: 1 – 3 people
Size: 51 sqm

Japanese Suite for 4

Capacity: 1 – 4 people
Size: 62 sqm

Japanese Suite for 4

Capacity: 1 – 3 people
Size: 41-51 sqm


The inn that was converted into Kai Kaga was a favorite of renowned ceramicist Rosanjin, who was also a noted gourmand. His culinary philosophy—that dishware are the clothes worn by the food—informs the aesthetic of each dish laid out before the guest.

Dinners consist of multi-course kaiseki meals that include visually pleasing dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

Mornings begin with a set meal that includes a traditional regional dish featuring wheat gluten croutons that soften nicely in a sweet-and-sour soup, with just a hint of wasabi, that also contains chicken and vegetables.


Yamashiro Hot Spring produces low-alkaline waters that have a pleasing density and are known for their skin rejuvenating effects. Baths look out onto gardens with ornamental pines; when it snows, branches are held aloft with white cords that form elegant cones.

The Three Gardens

Each garden offers a different aesthetic delight, from stone lanterns to Kutani-yaki ceramic tiles and a teahouse. Complimentary green tea and snacks are served at the teahouse, which is open from 3 to 6 p.m. daily.

Kenroku-en Garden

A free shuttle bus takes you to Kanazawa station, some 40 minutes away. Tourists come to this city primarily to see its splendid castle, which has been completely renovated and whose architecture, built entirely of wood, is particularly impressive. You can then stroll around the castle’s very extensive grounds and cross the road to prolong your walk in Kenroku-en Garden.

This cultural property, a site of national interest, has retained all the features of the landscaped garden in the Edo period (1603-1868). Nearer to the station, the big Omicho market has been in existence for 300 years, and has many stalls selling local products: fruit, vegetables, fish and much more. You can lunch on sushi, eel kebabs or one of the many other local dishes. And before you leave, do not miss the Higashi Chaya district where you can admire the old tea houses.

Yamashiro Onsen

The Ishikawa prefecture is famous for its hot springs. This is due in particular to city of Yamashiro Onsen, where one of the region’s oldest thermal baths can be found. Kosoyu bath actually operates as it did in the Meiji period. As in olden days, there is neither a shower or a tap to wash yourself.

As the tradition, you will need the use of a wooden bucket to rinse yourself before entering the water. This also has another property – allowing your body to get used to the water temperature ! In addition of discovering the pleasure of an authentic public bath, you will surely love the quiet atmosphere and peacefulness of this place.

Kaga shishi dance

This traditional regional dance, first performed in the 16th century, is given a new interpretation with original choreography, outfits, and music arranged by Kai Kaga.

Travel Library

The library features books on the area’s history, culture, crafts, and geography. Complimentary refreshments are also served.



$450 $405/night

Rates vary according to seasonality. Contact us to discuss your holiday needs.


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