Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi, Japan

Enjoy glamping inspired experience, totally surrounded by nature, facing the stunning landscape of Mount Fuji.

It’s time to check in and choose a rucksack – from a wall covered with them.

This bag, which you will keep during your whole stay, contains a selection of what a camper needs. Once you have your equipment, you will be taken directly to your room on a Jeep.

Come out of your ‘cabin’ and climb a few steps, and you will find yourself among the trees. It feels as if you are walking through a wood.

Up on the heights, wide terraces make a great place to stop for a little nap in a hammock, for a cup of coffee or tea, around a campfire, or if you’re feeling more energetic, you can be shown how to split logs with an axe! Not as easy as you might think.

The cabins are located in one section of a national park.

As a result of volcanic activity 10,000 years ago, the landscape of this park is scattered with craters, ice caves, and mixed forests of deciduous trees and evergreens, as well as geographic formations that once enclosed Lake Kawaguchi.

All this, untouched, is on display through the large cabin windows that overlook the scenery, with only the seasons transforming the landscape throughout the year.

The cabins feature indirect lighting that spans the length of the room, with downlights used only sparingly. A soft light spreads across the ceiling and floor, enhancing the feeling of comfort offered by the room the longer one stays.

The landscape, itself, is dotted with tiny lights that only illuminate the footpaths. These lights are intentionally understated so as not to detract from the innumerable stars which are visible at night.

Hoshinoya Fuji offers a variety of activities, many of which take place on the Cloud Terrace.

From lessons on how to brew an invigorating cup of coffee to walks through Aokigahara Forest–a national park also known as the “Sea of Trees”–there is always something to do, no matter the season or the weather.

The resort’s Glamping Masters are always on hand to offer their recommendations, as well as their assistance.

Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanashi, Japan
Glamping cabins for 2-3 guests each
Assortment of unusual mountain vegetables cooked them an outdoor clay oven
Creative Japanese fusion in a vaulted wooden restaurant by chef Yuji Kanai
Morning Box breakfasts delivered to cabins in a wooden box, which include freshly-baked breads, Spanish omelettes, yoghurts, local juices and jams
Restaurant tucked within a red pine forest
Takibi (bonfire) lounge
Library Cafe
Decked terraces
Ideal for babies or those over three
Children’s menus
Kids’ rucksacks
Safety nets for the terraces
Optional bed guards available

Hoshinoya Fuji is located on the slopes of a hill just north of Lake Kawaguchi.
As the resort faces south, it receives sunlight throughout the day and offers a direct view of Mt. Fuji beyond the lake. The hill, itself, is a colorful mosaic of plants, cedars, pines, and other flora.
These elements make the hill the perfect location for a glamping resort.
From the station at Kawagushiko, it takes only fifteen minutes to reach the resort’s reception area.

There are only 2 of these special cabins, each of which features a balcony furnished with a wood stove.

As a fire dances inside the stove, guests will find themselves enveloped in a pleasingly natural warmth, enhancing the sense of seclusion afforded by the balcony.

Staring out into the darkness of the night while listening to the fire snapping and crackling will make guests feel as if they are in their own private getaway.

Maximum guests per room: 2
Total area: 41 sqm
Balcony area: 11 sqm
Balcony with a wood stove, One bed room, and One bathroom

This standard cabin is minimalist in design, with a twin bed designed for superior sleep, a sofa on the balcony, and a simple bathroom–all the better to emphasize the simplicity and comfort of living outdoors.

Guests will find themselves spending most of their time on the balcony.

During the day, invigorating breezes waft through from the surrounding woods; at night, a fire flickers at one end of a custom-built table, carrying guests into a comfortable stupor.

Maximum guests per room: 2
Total area: 41 sqm
Balcony area: 8 sqm
Balcony, One bed room, and One bathroom

The only cabin that can accommodate 3 guests, the F Cabin is suitable for families and groups. It is furnished with 3 beds and offers a spaciousness that allows the majestic views of Lake Kawaguchi to fill up the cabin.

The balcony is also wide enough for 3 people to relax comfortably as they enjoy the seasonal colors that extend in all directions.

It is an environment designed to facilitate conversations and interactions that guests will remember and cherish.

Maximum guests per room: 3
Total area: 48 sqm
Balcony area: 9 sqm
Balcony, One bed room, and One bathroom

This cabin is furnished with a king bed, as well as a glass wall that offers a clear view of the majestic scenery that extends in all directions.

The balcony features a wide sofa where guests can bask in the natural beauty all around them, making the space perfect for reading a book, having a nap, or organizing a private picnic.

Guests are encouraged to have their breakfasts out on the balcony for the ultimate glamping experience.

Maximum guests per room: 2
Total area: 40 sqm
Balcony area: 8 sqm
Balcony, One bed room, and One bathroom
One of the many draws of camping is eating outdoors. There is something about the natural environment that enlivens the flavor of the food. An enhanced version of this experience is offered at Hoshinoya Fuji.

Guests are offered 3 entirely different dining options.

  • Those who enjoy the communal buzz of a campsite may dine in the dining hall, which has a grill station in the center.
  • Guests looking for something more intimate may also try their hand at Dutch oven cooking with their own private chef on the Cloud Terrace.
  • For complete privacy, guests may even choose an outdoor dining experience in the comfort of their cabins.

The dining hall looks out on a serene red pine forest. Guests can take in the view as the chef grills large cuts of beef, preparing them to perfection, right there in the dining hall. Guests may also join him at the grill station for a more personal experience.

You can try making pizzas or “smoking” food. These are sociable, fun activities for all the family. At lunchtime, put on your apron and “spin the dough” like a real “pizzaiolo”! The pizza workshop gives everyone a chance to use their skill to make their pizza as round as possible.

A smart wooden box contains all the ingredients for a great start to the day. Soft fresh bread baked in a cast-iron pot, butter, jams, the delicious ‘chef’s special’ omelette, fruit juice, everything you need to fill you with energy.

Later in the day, the smokery workshop will reawaken the interest of the whole family. People of all ages will love this. There are different ingredients to be smoked: Tofu, salmon, venison sausages, miso and nuts.



$660 $330/night

Rates vary according to seasonality. Contact us to discuss your holiday needs.


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